AI is extremely useful when it comes to increasing employee engagement. These tools look at employee data and help employers understand how these individuals would fit into their team. Overall, AI boosts efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Here are the seven best AI tools for enhancing employee engagement (free and paid options):

  • Leena AI
  • Officevibe
  • Vantage Circle
  • Olivia AI
  • Textio
  • HireVue
  • Indeed

This article will cover these AI tools in detail, allowing you to choose one that best fits you! Your business will always benefit from more employee engagement, so you’ll want to use these AI options. Here’s what you need to know!

1. Leena AI

Leena AI is one of the best options for most businesses. It’s very flexible and can perform many essential functions, no matter what market your business is part of. The software is extremely reliable- brands like Sony, Puma, and Coca-Cola all use it!

The software is very customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your company’s culture. It’s also great for increasing communication and engagement since it responds to employee inquiries right away. However, the best feature for employee engagement would be the Pulse Surveys.

These surveys focus on employee engagement. After reviewing the results, AI can offer you insights to make good changes in your workplace. It also allows management to better understand their crew, helping increase morale and communication. The AI gathers the data and makes it easier to understand at a glance.

Many employers consider Pulse Surveys a necessity today. You can easily view workplace culture and get a sense of overall employee motivation. Plus, surveys make employees feel more comfortable because they allow them to provide management with feedback.

Overall, this feature is one you’ll want to use often since the AI does the hard work of sorting and analyzing the data. Leena AI even lets you know when employees are feeling unhappy in real-time, so you can address the issues right away.

Lastly, Leena AI integrates with many other common workplace software. For example, you can use it with Google Sheets, Slack, Microsoft Outlook applications, and more! It’s very responsive and comes with a simple user interface, making it easy for employees to use, regardless of their experience.

What Is Leena AI Good For?

Leena AI comes with several features and benefits, making it very popular among businesses of all sizes. The AI is very smart and focuses on enhancing the employee experience. Many companies appreciate its great flexibility as well.

Leena AI is good for making HR more accessible to employees. It can answer their questions and communicate with them. The AI also sends out Pulse Surveys and sorts through the results, making it simple for you to see what aspects of your workplace culture need the most work.

Once you know where to start, it’s easier to tackle those issues! If you want to make your business more inclusive and promote an enjoyable environment, then Leena AI can help you. Many users feel that its best feature would be the surveys they automatically send out to employees.

2. Officevibe

Next, you’ll want to consider using Officevibe. This tool is great for employee engagement and developing a stronger community at work. The software is similar to a forum, allowing everyone to offer their feedback- which boosts trust and makes employees feel more comfortable.

This tool also offers weekly Pulse Surveys, which you’ll want to use. The surveys are completely anonymous, so no one feels uncomfortable. Employees can share their experiences, and managers can review the surveys to better understand their crew. The tool sorts the results, making it easier to view how different departments or demographics feel about their workplace environment.

Additionally, Officevibe has tools that make it easier for managers to navigate workplace conversations. The AI contributes to employee development and overall team performance by offering management the tools that they need to succeed.

Many users appreciate that the surveys go out automatically- you don’t have to remember to send them! You choose the survey; then the AI sends it out to all your employees on a set day of the week. These surveys cover a vast selection of topics, making finding where issues are and addressing them easier.

Overall, the Pulse Survey feature is excellent with this tool. It provides you with simple reports and scores, making it easier to prepare a plan or create a comfortable space for your employees. Officevibe has free and paid versions, which are cost-efficient, making it one of the best options for small businesses that want to engage 50 employees or less.

Is Officevibe Anonymous?

Officevibe is really anonymous. No one will know who submitted what in their Pulse Surveys. The platform won’t allow members to take surveys unless there are more than five users. Smaller teams can’t take them, so management never finds out who submitted what in the forms.

Officevibe says that they take anonymity very seriously. You can combine teams if you have a smaller team but still want to use the survey feature. The team should be large enough to send out surveys and receive employee feedback.

In short, Officevibe is anonymous, so your employees shouldn’t have to stress over the tool.

3. Vantage Circle

Vantage Circle is another platform that makes use of AI programming. Their system uses machine learning, too, allowing their AI to develop and become better with time. It makes employee engagement more straightforward and offers plenty of HR solutions at the touch of a button.

Vantage Circle’s main dashboard offers detailed insights and trends in employee behaviors. Employees also appreciate this option since the platform makes it possible for your company to offer discounts to them. Vantage Circle makes it possible if you want to offer benefits and discounts from popular brands like Amazon, HP, or Samsung.

The Rewards and Recognition tool also uses positive feedback to influence employees to learn and grow with the company. Managers can identify top-performing employees and provide them with points.

Vantage Circle focuses on employee well-being too by encouraging employees to stay healthy. Employees earn points by participating and can even use them to redeem vouchers or gift cards to buy goods. These benefits work together to deeply enhance employee engagement and create an excellent workplace atmosphere.

Overall, Vantage Circle is a unique employee engagement tool. It uses AI to sort data and track employee trends while encouraging employees to be healthy and productive. There are free and paid versions that you can check out!

How Effective Is Vantage Circle?

Vantage Circle is extremely effective at enhancing employee engagement and retention. It uses positive feedback and a reward system to encourage employees to participate actively at work. This AI tool is best for you if you want to keep your top workers!

Employees enjoy the rewards system and have plenty of ways to offer feedback through the platform. Vantage Circle’s user interface is simple to understand and use, making it an accessible AI tool for employers to engage their workforce. It provides the data clearly and concisely, so you don’t have to sort through it independently.

4. Olivia AI

Olivia AI by Paradox is a recruiting assistance tool. It engages candidates and creates interview schedules for you. The AI interacts with candidates and employees, giving them a chance to ask any questions they might have before they come in for their first day.

Olivia AI also makes it much easier to find candidates, which can be a hassle on cluttered job websites. The AI matches jobs to candidates based on their resume, location, and even keywords. That way, you know that only qualified candidates receive your invitation to an interview.

One of the best functions of the AI is how it interacts with candidates flawlessly. For example, if they meet all the required qualifications, the AI helps the candidate schedule their interview. Plus, it can instantly answer questions in more than 100 languages, making it easier to communicate with all your potential employees.

Finally, the Olivia AI engages the candidate from start to finish. It helps you choose employees, send offers, communicate, schedule an interview, and even manage the onboarding paperwork. If your company struggles with onboarding, all of these functions can help increase your hiring rates and retention by ensuring that all candidates are perfect for your brand!

This short YouTube video explains Olivia AI and how it can assist with the recruiting process:

5. Textio

Next, another great AI tool for employee engagement would have to be Textio. Textio AI allows for automation, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to reach out to your workers. The AI searches for common problems, then comes up with simple solutions.

The AI’s main function is to help with poorly worded job postings, which can drive away potential candidates. However, it also makes it easier to engage with your employees by helping with all written communications.

Textio AI reviews your job descriptions and postings in real-time. Then, it highlights jargon and boring text that can drive away interested candidates. It also always uses inclusive language, making your company more appealing to a wider range of people.

The tool gives you a score, making it easier to see how your language impacts employee engagement. Plus, everyone on your team can use it, increasing the amount of inclusive, well-written content on your employee platforms. If your business relies on written content, it allows you to enhance the writing skills of everyone on your team!

Overall, communication is essential for employee engagement! The Textio AI scans all of your written content, making adjusting and adding more inclusive phrasing easier. Plus, your job postings will receive higher SEO scores than they would otherwise. This AI tool makes it possible to find more qualified people and retain those you already have!

6. HireVue

HireVue relies on AI to enhance pre-hiring processes. The AI uses special assessments to measure how well employees work with others, how well they can perform the job tasks, and their work style and personality.

The HireVue AI also can predict job success and follows strict equal opportunity guidelines. The company says that these AI assessments can reduce hiring time, increase retention, help you choose the best candidates for the position, and remove any human bias from hiring.

The software is unique in its use of psychology and predictive AI to determine how well a person fits a position. Suppose you previously had a hard time finding employees. In that case, HireVue could shorten the length of time it takes to fill the role with excellent talent.

The AI’s surveys don’t just look for a single skill either. They ensure that the employee will succeed in their role by assessing various abilities and traits. It’s also not just for candidates- you can use the AI with your current employees to get an idea of who to promote or focus on building important skills.

In short, HireVue helps you see your employees as a whole. You can use it to determine who’s the best fit for what roles, increasing engagement and happiness at the workplace! When your employees feel successful and proud of their position, these feelings will make them much more motivated.

7. Indeed

Indeed is one of the most well-known engagement tools that you can find online today. This massive platform has a large audience, allowing you to discover and reach out to many qualified candidates at a time.

Indeed uses AI in various ways to improve employee experiences. It uses AI to drastically improve the odds of getting a great match on your job posting by sending it only to qualified candidates. The AI reads through resumes quickly, even disorganized ones, and sorts the critical information for you. Plus, it drastically reduces the odds of human bias playing a part in hiring.

When you hire the best candidate for the role, you’ll see more natural employee engagement at work. Indeed makes it easier for you to discover and keep in touch with fantastic workers. Even if you don’t want to use it as your primary method of finding candidates, it’s still worth checking out when you can!

Indeed also uses AI to take and record employee surveys. The surveys are anonymous and make it easy for employees to discuss the company culture and its environment. You can read these reviews and use them as a starting point to make good changes in your company.

What Are Employee Engagement AI Tools?

Every business needs to have good contact with its employees. Otherwise, your company culture and mood will suffer greatly. If you notice your employees have low morale, these tools can help you determine where the issues are. That way, you can correct them at the source. You don’t want your employees to feel unhappy, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s causing the problem- that’s where employee engagement AI tools come in!

Employee engagement AI tools are artificial intelligence-based programs that allow workers to communicate better with management. These tools often conduct surveys, provide space for anonymous employee feedback, and show you data in simplified forms.

The AI can even offer predictive analytics and behavior mapping. These features are an essential part of employee engagement. The AI studies the data, then develops plans or programs for training, helping your company better meet the employees’ needs.

AI also analyzes what makes employees quit through these predictions and behavior maps. If you want to increase employee retention, going over the results will help you see what’s wrong.

Overall, employee engagement AI tools are excellent for organizations, reviewing employee data, and receiving employee feedback. Many AI options allow you to quickly discover great candidates by comparing their resumes with your job description.

Why You Should Use Employee Engagement AI Tools

There are many reasons you’ll want to use employee engagement tools regularly! AI can respond to employees’ common questions, send out surveys, and send you notifications during the day to keep you on track.

AI makes it easier to monitor employee performance, so you know where you need to put more energy. By doing so, your business will become more productive with happier employees! If you need a straightforward way to review employee data, you should consider AI necessary.

As the technology behind these AI develops, you’ll find it becomes more useful! You’ll want to familiarize yourself with it now, so your business can make the most out of it. These AI all offer different features, so make sure you research your options and choose the one that fulfills your engagement needs.

Overall, many benefits come with using these tools for employee engagement. AI is a constantly expanding field, so these tools will also develop over time. You’ll see plenty of impressive changes and updates as AI use grows.


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